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Other People's Houses...

Other People's Houses...

Sue's to be precise! :D This Spring I'm looking to expand my mini midcentury house range to include more accent colour options as standard - hooray! 

Three colourful house brooches held in the palm of a hand

While I get all the options made, photographed and listed, take a look at some custom-colour houses I made for a lovely customer in Australia recently.

three midcentury house brooches on a wooden background

Sue wanted brooches rather than necklaces and was keen for some bolder colours than the coral and powder blue that I currently offer. I sent her photos of range of swatches that most closely matched the colours she was thinking of, and showed her how they would work on the piece. 

green swatches being tested

For the butterfly roof house, I mocked up a few potential greens for Sue and we went with a lovely deep leaf shade which looked gorgeous when fully made up.

blue house brooch before the windows have been added

For the classic bungalow, Sue chose this zingy turquoise blue acrylic that feels very Palm Springs swimming pool *heart eyes emoji* 

yellow house brooch being made

For the slanted roof house, Sue went for a mustard-y yellow that has a matt finish to it. The texture contrasts beautifully with the varnished walnut.

Three finished miniature midcentury house brooches handmade by Tiny Scenic

How lovely do they look altogether?! Sue was really pleased when they arrived and left a lovely review. 

Three house brooches seen from above with the customer's review text below.

My midcentury house jewellery has always featured in my collections since I started Tiny Scenic and they've become a bit of signature piece. If you'd like to be the first to know when the expanded accent colour options are available, make sure you're signed up to my mailing list! And if you can't wait to their live, get in touch about a custom one :)