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Diners, diners and more diners!

Diners, diners and more diners!

If like me you have a thing about diners then Tiny Scenic is at your (cute Formica counter) service... 

For a limited time I've just added these Personalised Miniature Diner ornaments to the shop for pre-orders, and I couldn't be more thrilled with them.

A miniature wooden ornament in the shape of an American diner, photographed in front of a shelf of books

These are a scaled-up, more 3D version of my Scenic Diner necklaces and brooches - but as you can see from the pic below with my hand in shot, they are still pretty dinky!

A wood and acrylic ornament in the shape of an American diner, being held in someone's hand

The one pictured here was commissioned for a 40th birthday present, and it turned out so well I wanted to offer it out to others looking for a unique personalised gift.

A miniature American diner ornament, photographed on top of a vinyl turntable

I have space to make a maximum of five of these in the lead-up to Christmas.

Pre-orders will be open until the 20th October with delivery latest 20th November.

You can purchase via this link – I'll then be in touch with you (using the email address you ordered with) to discuss what name or wording you would like on the sign, and whether you would like any different acrylic colours, for example.

A miniature American diner ornament made from wood and acrylic

If you more in the market for wearable tiny diners, I also have my wood and acrylic Scenic Diner necklaces, my Scenic Diner Brooches, and the personalised versions of both.

And because four diner options wasn't enough already I have added a fifth design...

Laser cut acrylic necklace in the shape of an American diner

And she's a beaut! This necklace uses silver acrylic to suggest the stainless steel fronted diners of the 50s with their art deco vibes. I just love the rooftop sign and how the neon pink details pop against the silver! You can pick one up here. And to see ALL the Tiny Scenic diner options on the same page, click here! ;D