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Welcome to Tiny Scenic town!

If you're a fan of creative jewellery – and you love a bit of retro Americana, midcentury modern and charming vintage signage – then this is likely to be your kind of place!

Modern, design-led jewellery for the unapologetically nostalgic

Tiny Scenic is for the road trip lovers and the scenic route takers; the perennial sightseers who adopt a tourist's mindset whether they're travelling someplace new or taking a familiar journey home.

It's for the 'noticers'. Those who wish we could return to the days when the world around us was designed with aesthetics as much as functionality in mind.

Hello – I'm Jo Strange, an artist and maker based in the UK.

With Tiny Scenic my aim is to create a kind of picture postcard resort town of wearable art – eye-catching and beautifully-made jewellery that feels like an uplifing visual treat to wear.

The designs are inspired by my interest in the aesthetics of 50s roadside America and elegant mid-century modern shapes.

It's an anything goes sort of place - where luxe-y dream house necklaces sit happily alongside kitschy lil' doughnut shops and that's just how I like it!

Small Town Charm

Customers have told me how my pieces have a filmic quality – bringing to mind the utopian pastel suburbs in Edward Scissorhands or the otherworldly charm of David Lynch's Twin Peaks (which is great as I love both of these!).

For me, the small aesthetic details are everything, and I enjoy taking time to ensure that each piece is as visually pleasing as possible. Our best-selling swimming pools, for example (a UK finalist in the Etsy Global Design Awards) took almost a year of experimentation until I was finally happy enough with them!

What I'm saying is, be prepared for compliments and folks getting in your personal space for a closer look at your jewellery 😊

This was such a joy to open! A beautiful, wearable piece of art, shaped like my dream house. Wonderful quality, arrived quickly, and the stylish packaging lets you display the necklace as a beautiful ornament when you're not wearing it.
Speechless. Just beautiful work and perfect 50s Americana.
Oh my gracious, I love this necklace! And I will say, I am VERY detail-oriented, and this little swimming pool is PERFECT! So Sweet and So Fun!
I absolutely LOVE this necklace, it is so cute and people compliment it every time I wear it, which is often!!
A tiny little pool of my own! I am obsessed with swimming pools so this was the perfect brooch for me. I love it, especially the tiny little ladder. It's so perfect!

Keeping it scenic since 2016

My husband and daughter enjoy getting involved in Tiny Scenic, too, and as a family we enjoy visiting quirky museums and model villages for inspiration.

We design and make everything to order from our home in Winchester in Hampshire, using our laser cutter and a myriad of miniature power tools! As well as working on the jewellery in the shop we take on private commissions and create artworks for gallery shows. You can see some of the things we have worked on here.

If you're wondering where the Americana influence comes from, my Dad lived in the US for a period of his youth and my husband Andrew and I have taken five incredible road trips to date across various States. Thoughts of the open road, beautiful sun-faded retro signage, scenic highways and those huge skies are never far from my mind!

Nice folk who have featured us: