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Fun Valentine's Day Jewellery Gift Combos

Fun Valentine's Day Jewellery Gift Combos

Just for fun I've come up with some gift combo ideas featuring pieces from my Tiny Scenic jewellery collections. If I do say so myself these would make great Valentine's or Galentine's gifts - but feel to keep them in your back pocket for charming birthday present ideas, too! :D 

miniature coffee shop brooch with a packet of fresh ground coffee behind

1) Is your sweetheart a coffee lover? Then go for a Tiny Scenic miniature coffee shop brooch, and gift it along with a packet of the fanciest fresh ground coffee you can find. Mmm... coffee...

motel sign necklace with red arrow with a hotel key in the background

2) Planning a night away? One of our Motel sign necklaces is the thing to gift when you arrive at the hotel. They come in pink and mint too but for Valentine's it's got to be the red, right? To fully go for the motel theme, I can recommend Mollie's Motel and Diner (we went to the one in Bristol and there's another near Oxford, too).

wood and acrylic american diner brooch with a photo of a diner booth behind

3) For 50s retro fans, it's got to be one of our Scenic Diner brooches or necklaces. Even better if the gifting takes place at a diner or classic cafe. I've been wanting to try the new-ish chain of Brightside Roadside diners in the south west of England, especially because it looks like they have yellow breeze block walls out the front! :D 

mint and pink laser cut acrylic modern house necklace featuring palm tree and pool

4) This 'Malibu house' necklace from our Scenic Silhouettes collection would be charming served up with a home-made pina colada cocktail and maybe a movie set somewhere warm and tropical. Failing that, a so-naff-it's-good episode of Death in Paradise always brings sunny (if murderous) vibes at this time of year. 

bowling pin earrings with rock and roll wording on sterling silver hoops

5) Gig tickets are always a fun gift; and extra points if it's in a unique venue. Jazz up the boring ticket print-out by folding it up and popping it in the box with a pair of Rock and Roll bowling pin earrings and that's Valentine's Day won. (Sidenote: My current fave venue is St Mary's Church in Twyford near Winchester. Twyford is tiny as is the venue and yet they get really good people playing there - we're going to see This is the Kit there soon!) 

colourful typographic color tv sign necklace with an image of a vintage television in the background

6) Finally, if you've young kids and Valentine's is just another night in front of the telly, gifting a colourful COLOR TV sign necklace, some Tony's Chocolonely and full control of the remote will go down a treat.